Elegant modern oak coffee table
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  • 2-way drawer cafe table

     2-way drawer cafe table


Along with the increasing demand of entertainment people, cafes increasingly grow with many new types, meet the interests of each object. From the student cafe, popular, nostalgic coffee to the tea model of Japan, to the cafes of luxury ... Each model of the cafe has a decorative and different furniture. to suit most. Lam Hoang Phat believes that the customer will bring absolute satisfaction.



+ American oak deck, can be covered with composite, or glass bearing.

+ Tables with many colors: wood, red, green, blue ...

+ Table has many shapes: square, rectangle, oval ... Iron feet, powder coated or painted.

+ Some tables can be folded, some have only one leg.  




Table and chairs in Lam Hoang Phat have many advantages:

+ Variety of designs to choose to fit the café model. Cheap price, best competitive market.

+ Compact size, easy to move, installation.

+ Good water resistance, suitable for places like café.

+ Bring the feeling of proximity, easy for the space of the restaurant..


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