Bed with oak pulling GB-01: Luxury design. Durable with time
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  • Bed with oak

     Bed with oak


Oak bed with 100% material made of American oak with firm structure, thick material, high value. Bring the most relaxing and relaxing space after hard work day. Made from oak wood with beautiful wood beams, unique natural oak wood bed will give the natural beauty and modern for your bedroom. Oak bed with bright colors, gentle nature and elegant lines to enhance the noble elegant look for your bedroom.


Featured oak bed (OAK)

-With oak beds you will have more choices in colors from morning to night, from stripe to mountain, from natural to veneer.    

 - oak bed has a solid structure with light characteristics and good bearing capacity is easy to be bent by steam, nailing, screw quite good.   

 - Beautiful oak surface with large, clear lines with light yellow wood inlay to create a bright, modern space for your bedroom.    

- With its light, easy-to-dye characteristics, you have more choices in the light colors of your natural oak bed.    

 - Oak wood bed is the perfect choice for luxurious, modern and elegant bedroom.


  • Product Code: GB-01
  • Availability: In stock
  • Material: American Oak
  • Size(L-W-H): 2120*1720*1100
  • Price: Call: (+84) 947 438 388

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