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Specialist in oak furniture Lam Hoang Phat.

Welcome to Lam Hoang Phat Oak Wood Furniture Company (LHP)! As a unit specializing in the production of oak furniture export in European style. With more than 15 years of experience in manufacturing & supplying oak furniture with professional and dynamic staff, we are committed to ensuring quality and reputation in every way. domestic and foreign customer requirements. The LHP Company factory is located in Dong Nai with an area of ​​more than 20,000 m2, professional and modern facilities and equipment for the production of oak wood furniture for export quality and variety of designs. Europe. Currently, LHP oak furniture has been present in the USA, UK, Australia, Russia, and European countries along with the quality of products committed by the skilled workers, helping them. I am able to meet the needs of our customers while maintaining the superior quality of the racket from the drying of wood before processing, from the selection of materials, handling to the completion of product packaging. In addition, we also set up rigorous quality control systems to ensure the best quality of our products to minimize the risk of cracking, warping, warping, which are the basic properties of timber.

Miracle from an Oak tree

Furniture made of Oak always feels harmonious with natural light, youthful and modern.

In Europe, the value of Oak wood has been known since the Middle Ages. Nowadays, Oak wood is still popular with Western consumers because of its durability and good quality. Oak is often used to produce furniture, household appliances, flooring, timber framed buildings and veneer. Many famous architectural works in Europe and America are decorated with oak furniture such as the British House of Representatives, the Russian Kremlin, the Romanian Parliament Building, the Oval Office room in the United States ...

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